The Principal

Linda Crawford, Principal

Mitchell’s Principal, Linda Crawford, has been a vital advocate of the Mitchell 20. She listened to the voice of a teacher, and not only gave the cohort her “ok”, but actively backed the endeavor. Mrs. Crawford had the vision to view the National Board experience as sustained professional development, rather than simply advanced certification. She recognized that her teachers, including minority educators, might need different support. She believed in National Board enough to put Title I funds behind it, to schedule professional development time during the day, and to afford her teachers the freedom to pursue this opportunity. Just as importantly, Mrs. Crawford was a constant presence throughout the process, checking in, staying involved, encouraging her teachers to bring out their best.

“To be a teacher at Mitchell, you really have to be a special person. We can’t rely on the home environment of our students to support learning, so it really has to happen here at school. Our teachers step up to the challenge. They work before school, they work after school and they work really hard during the day to make our children as successful as possible.”