National Education Association Priority Schools Campaign
Turning around lower-performing schools is a high priority for the 3.2 million members of the National Education Association.  By leading permanent changes in these Priority Schools, we will transform the lives of tens of thousands of students by significantly raising academic achievement.  Our commitment includes a vow to work side-by-side with communities and with policymakers in state capitals, in Congress and the Obama administration; to partner in pursuit of innovative programs to measure student success and teacher quality; and to fight to attract and keep the best educators and necessary resources for the schools of greatest need.

University of Phoenix College of Education
Our rigorous academic programs are designed for future teachers and current educators who believe in working collaboratively to meet the challenges of 21st century schools.  Our bachelor’s and master’s degree programs—driven by our mission to impact student learning one educator at a time—equip you to be an educator who’s memorable and influential in every aspect of the school community.


Note: Sponsors entered after the film was in production and executed no creative direction or demands upon the filmmakers.