Mitchell 20 is a powerful and emotional feature documentary that captures the real story of teachers, education and poverty in our cities. Narrated by Edward James Olmos, this film captures the authentic and poignant story of 20 heroic teachers at an inner city school in Phoenix, Arizona, who come together to improve the quality of their teaching.

The film follows these teachers over three years as they attempt National Board Certification – a program that is the most accurate measure of teacher effectiveness in relation to student achievement. What should have been a nice little story of triumph ended up getting messy… really messy. Involuntary transfers, petitions, insubordination and immigration sweeps added to the challenge that these teachers faced when simply trying to become better teachers. Dan Brown, author, teacher and blogger for the Huffington Post, wrote, “This is a movie that… can tangibly improve education across the country.”

With a soundtrack featuring an original score by The Album Leaf and new arrangements of Motown hits by Nortec Collective, Black Carl and Dry River Yacht Club, Mitchell 20 will inspire you and show you that teacher quality is the answer.

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